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quick-facts-about-brown-ricetexana-long-grain-brown-rice-styleQuick Facts About Brown Rice (information courtesy of USA Rice Federation)

Brown rice is a source of fibre:

  • Fibre can only be found in foods of plant origin. Meat, fish, milk and milk products contain no dietary fibre.
  • In addition to helping with bowel regularity, studies have shown that a diet high in dietary fibre can help reduce the risk of high blood cholesterol, therefore reducing the risk of heart disease.
  • High fibre foods also fill you up, which can help with weight control.
  • Men need 38 grams of fibre daily; women require 25 grams.
  • Brown rice is considered a source of fibre.

  • Taxana Natural Long Grain Brown Rice

    Our featured brown rice product here is Taxana Natural Long Grain Brown Rice which comes from the Southern United States.

    Long grain brown rice has been known not only for its naturally wholesome characteristics, but for the significant nutrients it provides. As mentioned in our “Quick Facts about Brown Rice” (courtesy of USA Rice Federation), brown rice is rich in dietary fibre.

    Adults, and in fact, more seniors these days would opt into replacing white rice with brown rice in their daily food diets. This is in line with their intent to increase their fibre intake, or as may be medically suggested.

    In addition, brown rice contains complex carbohydrates, some of the B-complex and Vitamin E (which comes from the outer bran layer).

    Western Rice Mills offers a variety of rice products including Brown Jasmine Rice, Medium Grain Brown Rice and Short Grain Brown Rice.

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