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Long Grain Rice Popular in Asian Meals

Long grain rice is commonly described as the type of rice with a typical measurement four to five times as long as it is wide.

Long grain rice is considered to be a very popular rice especially for most Asians. Even Chinese and Japanese, who are mostly associated with eating shorter grain rice, would sometimes prefer to eat long grain rice with other meals.

You will see that in most Asian homes, long grain rice is regularly cooked and served to family members. It is also not surprising that during holidays or family events, long grain rice would usually be included, especially during lunch or dinner.

You will also notice that when you go to most Asian restaurants, long grain rice is typically available as part of the food selections or entrees.

Some people who love rice would say that eating long grain rice would make a full, satisfying dish. No wonder why other people from other parts of the world, such as Europe and North America, are becoming open to the idea of trying out long grain rice with their meals.

Long grain rice is also grown in the USA especially in the following states: Arkansas, California, Louisiana, Missouri, Mississippi and Texas.

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