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creating-gluten-free-food-tutti-frutti-rice-salad-recipeCreating a Gluten Free Recipe: Tutti Frutti Rice Salad

What could be a better way to be creative with “leftover rice” than to have an enticing mix of many fruits?

In this case, we can experiment with the mix to create a colorful, beautiful leftover rice recipe – “Tutti Frutti Rice Salad”.

Aptly categorized as vegetarian and vegan friendly dish, this salad comes with whole grain nutrients.

Not only that this rice salad looks appetizing, it is truly easy to prepare in a matter of minutes.

Creating Trutti Frutti Rice Salad

All you have to do is organize or make the ingredients handy, starting off with three cups of cooked brown rice (or 750ml).

Then get ¾ cup of dried cranberries as well as ¾ cup of chopped and toasted pecans.

Next, prepare one mango (chopped). You can as well include ¾ teaspoon of ground black pepper, ½ cup of raspberry vinaigrette dressing, and 1/3 cup of fresh chopped parsley.

In a sizeable bowl, simply mix the cooked brown rice with all the ingredients you have prepared – and voila, you are now ready to serve this delicious rice salad.

This simple and easy-to-prepare gluten free Trutti Frutti Rice Salad can make about four servings.

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