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We always associate Mexican food with famous tacos and enchiladas. However, there is so much more to Mexican cuisine.

Let us take for example our featured rice recipe here.

The skillet highlights the use of brown rice with hearty, classic beans and spicy chili powder. You can choose to combine this with your favourite meat to make up for a delicious Mexican meal.

So now, let us explore the ingredients that we would need to prepare for this recipe.

You will need at least one pound (1 lb.) of lean ground beef – or if you prefer, you can use about 500 grams of turkey. Also, you will need about three (3) cups of cooked brown rice.

Get ready with chopped medium onions, one teaspoon (1 tsp.) for each of the 5ml-chili powder and 5ml-ground cumin; one 475-ml can of pinto beans and 2 118-ml cans of diced green chili; and about one-half teaspoon (1/2 tsp.) of salt.You may want to include one chopped, seeded tomato and shredded cheddar cheese. For garnish, you may put some fresh cilantro, depending on your taste.

So, let us get the cooking going by putting meat in a big skillet – using medium to high heat – until the color turns brown. Stir meat, and if possible, drain fat.

Put chili powder, cumin, salt and onion. Make sure onion is tender enough. Now, you are ready with your rice, chilies and beans. Stir. You can then add cheese and tomato. Depending on your taste, you can put cilantro to add extra spiced flavour.

This recipe can make about six servings. To learn about nutritional value, please check out our rice recipepage.

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