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Healthy-Salad-Recipe-with-Kale-Butternut-and-Brown-RiceKale has been a great favourite for veggie lovers not only because it is nutritious and flavourful, but it is a great option as well for vegans and vegetarians to be creative with creating salad recipes.

Most superfoods advocates would love to include green veggies such as kale in their food plan. In fact, kale has become a very popular choice when it comes to preparing greens to create an appetizing, healthy food diet.

Our summer feature kale recipe here will use brown rice to produce a healthier, delicious salad. Then, we are adding crispy slices of butternut squash to the salad with fine herb vinaigrette as a dressing to give us an even more delightful, delectable recipe.

We will need to prepare the following: cooked brown rice (2 cups), bell peppers (1/3 cup), kale (2 cups), butternut squash (1 cup), gala apple, and sliced almonds (1/3 cup).

For specific instructions on how to make a summer salad recipe using kale, brown rice, butternut squash and herb vinaigrette, visit our >rice recipe page.

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