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Kosher Certified, rice products, quinoaWestern Rice Mills is pleased to announce that its rice products and quinoa products have been certified KOSHER under the Orthodox Rabbinical Council of British Columbia, the largest non-profit Orthodox kosher certification agency in Western Canada.

Kosher certified products have been synonymous to pure, clean and healthy food products. Millions of consumers all over the world trust the kosher symbol because they know that when they buy kosher products, they buy quality, safe and ethical food products.

While Jewish and other people who observe religious beliefs would consume kosher foods, many other consumers have now become aware of the benefits of kosher certified foods. Consumers who adhere to certain health diets, such as vegan diets, vegetarian diets, wheat-free diets, or those who go for ethically prepared food diets, would also prefer Kosher certified foods.

To date, Kosher foods have become the most popular symbol of food quality recognition.

Western Rice Mills is proud to carry food products under the BC Kosher seal, as this will further enhance its commitment to consumers, to deliver quality and safe food products.

To learn more about Western Rice Mills products, please visit: http://www.westernricemills.com/products

About Western Rice Mills Ltd.

Western Rice Mills Ltd. is a leading rice distributor based in (Vancouver) Richmond, BC, Canada and has evolved into becoming a major rice supplier, rice importer, rice exporter, and quinoa distributor not only in North America but in the global market as well. For more information, please visit: Western Rice Mills.


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