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September is national rice month.
Let us Celebrate Whole Grains Month

September is the time of the year when we celebrate National Rice Month (NRM).

The USA Rice has been a strong force behind the celebration, which aims to acknowledge the support and activities of the people and organizations contributing in the rice industry.

Read here about the USA Rice.

Meanwhile, in Canada, the Whole Grains Council conducts special events in celebration of the whole grains month.

The theme for 2014 is Make the Switch to Whole Grain.

In line with the theme, this September is a good opportunity to ponder upon the question: What we can do in celebrating the whole grains month?

The decision to switch is not a one-time event. It is a great time to begin eating healthy, if you have not started yet.

Try whole grains beginning today. And make a decision to include whole grains in your regular diet.

The Whole Grains Council presents various recipes prepared by select food bloggers and dietitians.

This September, the council features Rice and Wild Rice as Grains of the Month.

Please read here to learn more about rice and wild rice features, such as fun facts about rice and various rice recipes.

To learn more about the Whole Grains Month program, please visit Whole Grains Council.

For more information and resources about National Rice Month, please visit USA Rice.

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