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Rice Recipe: Two-Cheese Chili Kale and Rice FrittataKale Recipe with Brown Rice

Are you looking for a nutritious food recipe? Have you heard about the superfoods?

Well, our featured recipe here would explore kale, which is one of the superfoods.

Did you know that this superfood is an excellent source of many nutrients? Its health nutrients include vitamins, minerals, protein, and of course fibre.

Kale is actually best paired with brown rice. Brown rice, as we know, is whole grain rice. It has been one of the top food favourites of most health advocates, not only because of its nutritious, health components, but also because of its taste.

Brown rice complements well with many food recipes and gives you a natural nutty, chewy flavour.

Our featured recipe courtesy of USA Rice Federation: Two-Cheese Chili Kale and Rice Frittata can work perfectly for any food occasions.

Try this recipe today. Click here to see cooking instructions: Kale Recipe with Brown Rice, Two-Cheese Chili Kale and Rice Frittata

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