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Learn about Nutritious RiceBe healthier! Learn about Nutritious Quinoa

You must have heard by now about the superfood quinoa (pronounced as ‘keen wah’).

Quinoa has been gaining popularity as a great addition to the grocery (food items/to-buy) list in many Canadian households.

Are you looking to consume wholesome and nourishing foods for you and your family? Then, let us explore quinoa here.

Quinoa and Rice

Did you know that quinoa is usually cooked or prepared the same way as you would cook traditional grains, like rice? Although, you will find that quinoa is much quicker to cook, and even nuttier in taste.

Does it ever occur to you why quinoa has become a very popular choice for many health promoters and food enthusiasts?


Quinoa is an ancient food belonging to the Goosefoot family, such as beets and spinach. Quinoa comes with important nutrients such as protein, iron, fibre and essential amino acids. It also contains natural antioxidants, primarily vitamin E. In addition, quinoa is transfat-free and cholesterol-free.

Low Glycemic Index

Did you know that quinoa has low glycemic index? That makes quinoa a healthy food option for people who, are at risk for, or may have, diabetes.

Vegetarian and Gluten free

Many vegetarians and health advocates love quinoa, and have been including quinoa in their food diets. Even those who are sensitive or allergic to gluten find quinoa ideal to their diets. That is because quinoa is also gluten free.

Using Quinoa

Given the nutritional component and the many health benefits of quinoa, more and more people are enthusiastic to learn about how to best use quinoa.

Many restaurant owners and chefs have included quinoa in their food menu offerings. Also, it is not uncommon these days, to see many home cooks and food enthusiasts experimenting with different quinoa recipes.

See some of our featured >>quinoa recipes here.


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