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Cook Excellent Nutritious Meals with Rice and Beans

What do rice and beans have in common?

Well, both are easy to cook and can blend perfectly with other foods, such as vegetables and protein-rich foods.

Rice and beans have become favourite ingredients in preparing classic, delicious meals because both foods characterize convenience and affordability.

When put together in a dish, the pair delivers excellent nutritional value with complete plant-based protein and essential amino acids.

Rice contains low calories and it is gluten-free and cholesterol-free. It is also free from sodium. And while rice may contain a trace of fat, it does not contain trans fat or saturated fat. Rice is a good source of energy and it contains significant nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals and folic acid.

Like rice, beans contain low calories and are also cholesterol-free. Beans have low sodium and are fat-free. In addition to being rich in protein, beans also contain other important nutrients, such as potassium and fibre.

As such, many weight-conscious individuals have included rice and beans in their diets. For others, now is a perfect time to cook excellent nutritious meals with rice and beans.

So, what sort of recipes can we prepare and cook with rice and beans?

Rice and beans dishes are popular in global cuisines. The USA Rice Federation has included several rice and beans recipes in their web resources.

You can find recipes with nutritional information such as Bean Chili with Rice, Curried Chickpeas with Rice, Southwest Black Bean & Brown Rice Salad, Red Beans and Rice and other rice recipes by visiting >>USA Rice –

USA Rice Federation

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