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Vegetable-PieNutritious Vegetable Pie

Being healthy means eating foods that contain all the necessary nutrients that our body needs.

Finding such nutritious foods need not be complicated.

Understanding the idea of smart food preparation leads to coming up with better food choices that should meet our individual health needs.

This specifically tells us that we should all be looking at everyday the idea of eating meals that come with recommended grains, protein-rich foods, dairy and vegetables.

One of the rice recipes that contains all the essential food nutrients in a meal is the Sky High Chicken and Vegetable Pie, which was featured in Western Rice Mills recipe page courtesy of USA Rice Federation.

This vegetable pie rice recipe is very nutritious and essentially practical using cooked and cooled long grain rice along with cooked and shredded chicken, select vegetables and grated old cheddar.

In addition, the recipe for Sky High Chicken and Vegetable Pie will use ingredients, such as: large sweet onion, sliced red peppers, zucchini and portabello mushrooms.

You will also need to prepare olive oil, clove garlic, fresh basil, salt and pepper to make a totally tasty, delicious vegetable pie. For complete list of food ingredients and cooking instructions, >> follow here.


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