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Gingered Rice Shrimp Salad
Ginger and Rice, Recipe for a Great Salad

Are you looking for some food with a distinct, spicy flavour that will satisfy your craving?

Many international cuisines, especially Southeastern Asian cuisines feature foods containing spicy herb such as ginger.

Ginger has increased its popularity in many parts of the world because of its unique properties. Not only that ginger contains medicinal or healing properties,
but it contains unique, culinary properties, making it a great ingredient in many types of cuisines.

Have you ever wondered why many traditional chefs and modern cooking enthusiasts include ginger as one of their favourite food ingredients? Well, ginger contains distinct aroma and strong herb flavour that would certainly amaze food lovers with sophisticated taste.

What sort of food recipes could we make with ginger?

Ginger can work well with other foods such as rice and salad.

Many people today recognize food fusion. And rice could be a staple food or part of their everyday meals. It can be served with other meals or as a side dish.

Both ginger and rice can perfectly blend with salads, and can complement with other food ingredients.

With such sharp spicy herb, ginger and distinct texture of rice, we can create a delicious salad recipe.
Take for instance this Southeast-Asian inspired, delicious, seafood salad recipe, Gingered Rice Shrimp Salad.

To see cooking instructions for Gingered Rice Shrimp Salad, you can explore our >> rice recipe page here.

Our featured rice recipe, Gingered Rice Shrimp Salad, is courtesy of the USA Rice Federation.


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