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It is September, It is Whole Grains Month!

Let us all take part in the celebration of the Whole Grains Month!

Every September of the year, the Whole Grains Council actively leads the celebration with exciting promotions and events to remind all of us to live a healthy lifestyle by eating well.

Remember, each little thing that we do to improve our eating habits counts! Being healthy is not simply an option. It is a decision we must make. It is a decision to take a positive action that will contribute to our well-being.

Embrace goodness by starting to choose the right foods!

What can we do this month of September?

Whole Grains Month September 2015
The Whole Grains Month is an opportunity to make baby-steps and make a commitment to seriously look at the whole grain foods a whole new way.

You can begin cooking today and try preparing meals using whole grains. Cook and share foods with your loved ones by exploring healthy recipes, like preparing Quinoa Corn Salad or Mushroom Brown Rice Pilaf.

The Whole Grains Council has shared a list of recipes in line with the Whole Grains Month. For more information, please visit:
>> “Quick, Easy, Whole Grain Recipes for Families”or visit their website at:

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