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Happy Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving Cooking Tips: Rice, Quinoa and Soup Recipes


Turkey and Rice. Vegetables and Rice. Squash, Sausage and Rice.

If you are like most people who would opt into preparing turkey for thanksgiving, try this rice-based stuffing recipe to create a flavourful meal:

>> Rice Recipe: Chestnut and Wild Mushroom Rice Stuffing

Celebrating an occasion should be fun and exciting. And for many people thanksgiving holiday could mean preparing delectable, enticing foods without compromising a healthy diet.

Love rice and vegetables? Try this baked vegetarian meal using rice:

>> Baked Vegetarian Dish with Rice Recipe

Squash is popular especially during fall season. Get going this thanksgiving weekend with this squash recipe:

>> Rice Recipe: Stuffed Acorn Squash with Sausage and Rice


Quinoa has become a favourite dish in many homes today. If you love quinoa and would like to spend your thanksgiving celebration using quinoa, try checking out ths link to creating great quinoa recipes…

>> Quinoa Foods: 10 Web Links to Great Quinoa Recipes


Thinking of Preparing Soups this Thanksgiving long-weekend?

Try our list of recipes to create flavourful, nutritious soups using rice

>> Select Rice Recipes to Create Delicious Soups

Looking for more recipes?
Visit our >> recipe section!


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