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It is the season for squash and pumpkins.

Squash is one of the most nutritious vegetables in the world and contains certain medicinal benefits. It can help in your skin health, immune system and respiratory system.

It also helps in strengthening bones and eyesight, as well as help in lessening signs of insomnia and other health conditions, such as ulcers, arthritis, blood pressure, diabetes, and various infections.

Squash includes a number of different types of veggies, like pumpkins, which can blend in many types of healthy diets. There are many ways you can cook squash or pumpkin. You can prepare salads, desserts or soups.

If you are looking for some practical ideas this fall, it is a good idea to include rice or quinoa in your food preparation.

Rice and quinoa, in fact, are great to prepare any season of the year. But certainly, both can also do great wonders this fall; and can blend perfectly with nutritious squash or pumpkin.

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