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pulses-lentils-beansJust What are Pulses, Lentils, Beans and Peas?

It has been known since the early part of the year 2016 that it is the “International Year of Pulses” (IYP). This was declared in the 68th United Nations (UN) General Assembly.

So what exactly could we aim to achieve with consuming pulses and making such food part of our everyday diet?

The IYP 2016 endeavours to make the public aware of the many benefits of pulses in terms of food nutrition, food security and food production sustainability. Read more info here >>

But how familiar are we with pulses? What makes them different from other kinds of foods?

According to Pulse Canada, pulses are the seeds of the legume plants that are edible and excellent for healthy diets.

Therefore, pulses belong to legume family; although pulses are best referred to as dried seeds.

Some varieties of pulses include lentils, dried peas, chickpeas and edible beans.

Pulses are very nutritious and are rich in fibre and protein, making such foods ideal for low-fat diets.

Adding pulses on to our food list can be fun and exciting, given its variety of colours, sizes, forms or shapes. Not to mention their additional nutritional characteristics, having contained excellent level of minerals (such as zinc, iron, folate, B-vitamins and phosphorous).

Considering all the nutritional benefits as well as elements of food security and sustainability, pulses not only are a healthy food ingredient, but can contribute as well to our beloved mother earth.

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