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Black Friday Recipe SuggestionsHappy Black Friday Week!

So, are you excited about the Black Friday Deals? Already have in mind what products to buy and where to go on that day?

While getting the products that you so highly desire on ‘Black Friday event’ seems a great idea, you could also end up exhausted and tired.

You probably do not have the time to think about the meals to prepare.

And if you plan to celebrate your Thanksgiving dinner the night before the Black Friday event, you could be overwhelmed and consumed. Well, this might especially apply to our friends who live in the other side of the border (the United States). Canada celebrated Thanksgiving last October 10th.

So here are some recipe suggestions you might want to look into as you prepare your meals on this Black Friday week.

Turkey and Rice Pineapple Burgers with Sesame Mayonnaise > A healthful recipe great for those who love burgers! You can use rice and turkey with an exciting, flavourful Asian touch. Explore this recipe with ingredients such as sweet pineapple ring and ginger. You will surely enjoy this one.

Chestnut and Wild Mushroom Rice Stuffing To Fill Your Turkey > Enjoy your turkey meal with this rice-based stuffing. Great for once-a-year holiday celebrations with your loved ones.

And here are some recipes to prepare if you are thinking of doing brunch meals. These recipes use Tortilla and Rice:

Huevos Rancheros Tortilla Cups with Rice > Love going meatless? This recipe uses ingredients that are not only nutritious, but also produces a flavourful Mexican meal.

Cuban Beef Picadillo > An awesome Latin recipe using raisins and green olives with tortilla as your side dish.

Rice Beef Burritos > A true, energy-fueling meal, this recipe is ideal for busy individuals that want to maintain active body despite their hectic schedules.

Turkey and Rice Tortilla Soup > Who could resist a meal that comes with vegetables, healthful grains and protein-rich ingredients? Get going with this meal with a touch of Mexican spices!

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