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Whole Grains Month
It is September and you know what that means, right?

Whole Grains Month it is!

It is the time of the year when we give our full attention to all things whole grains.

Yes folks, this a perfect opportunity to get on the healthy foods bandwagon, if you have not done so. With great foods such as brown rice, quinoa, oats and beans for example, you certainly cannot go wrong.

This month will surely excite you if you decide to embrace the idea of healthful, good foods! Begin with checking out your favourite food store or grocery and see every kind of whole grains available. You will be amazed about what you will discover. You can introduce great foods to your kids or every family member. How about sending a friend or co-worker about the newest recipes you have discovered? You can even host a small get-together and serve meals with whole grains.

Better yet, increase your knowledge about eating nutritious, great foods!

Want to learn what to cook in celebration of the Whole Grains Month and beyond? Whole Grains Council suggests simple recipes to prepare, such as Mushroom Brown Rice Pilaf, Bulgur and Black Bean Salad, Quinoa Corn Salad, and other healthful recipes.

Here is a link to Whole Grains Council Easy Recipes: Whole Grain Recipes

Still want to discover some more recipes? Check out Western Rice Mills recipe section or follow us on Twitter or Facebook!

Image Credit: Whole Grains on Every Plate
Source: Whole Grains Council

(Post first published: 09/14/2017; Post updated 09/04/2018)


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