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Top recipes this week June11-15Top Budget-friendly Recipes and Easy Cooking Ideas We Shared This Week

Weekend cooking chore is a good time to experiment some ideas, especially if you are looking for some meals that are healthy and easy on the pocket.

We found and curated the following fascinating recipes via our social media, which look not only delicious but nutritious as well.

These dishes make use of either lentil or rice among the ingredients. Some recipes use both lentil and rice. Some meals are served with side dish rice or quinoa.

1.) #Budget-friendly #recipe to try this #weekend | #food #cooking #eating #healthy #summer | Chicken & Lentil Enchiladas | It looks like this recipe is very ideal as we welcome summer. If you are budget-conscious, this dish Chicken & Lentil Enchiladas can help you save some money by using leftover roasted chicken. Try this recipe and share this with your family this weekend. >> View here.

2.) #Weekend #Recipe for your family: Coconut Brown #Rice Pudding | #food #cooking #healthy #eating |
If you are looking for some kind of dessert that is oh-so filling at the same time, this recipe could be your best bet.
>> View post here.

3.) Three homey one-dish #Asian #meals that take under 30 minutes to whip up | #food #cooking #eating with #rice #recipe. | If you are time-conscious and would like to prepare meals in no time, why not give this recipe a try? >> View here.

4.) These #Vegan Meatball #Recipes Will Blow Your Mind | #foods #lentil #rice #cooking #eating #healthy. | These recipes are definitely attention-grabbers. How could meatballs exist in the Vegan vocabulary? Got the idea? Well, get going and read on…
>> View here.

5.) 15 Best #Meatless High-Protein #Recipes | #rice #lentil #foods #cooking #eating #vegan #vegetarian #healthy. | Of course, who would not be curious about the idea of high-protein rich foods without the presence of meat? Well, this post will give you some great ideas.
>> View here.

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