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Budget-friendly Asian-inspired CuisineWant to Try Budget-friendly Asian-inspired Rice Recipes?

In this blog post, we highlight two recipes featuring Japanese and Korean flavourful dishes.

These rice recipes are not only delicious and easy to prepare, but are also easy on the pocket.

1.) Sushi Roll Rice Salad

If you are the type of person who loves to go to the gym or simply would do some workout routine at home, this Japanese salad is great to consume prior to doing your workout activity. This meal is easily prepared with leftover brown rice, that makes it budget-friendly. You are recreating a new dish out of the old cooked brown rice.

And since brown rice is carbohydrate-rich food, consuming enough of it would give you that energy fuel you needed, especially if you include protein-rich food, such as cooked shrimp, as in the case of this recipe.

View this recipe: Sushi Roll Rice Salad here.

2.) Rice Recipe with Korean Rice Bowl

This Korean rice dish is very affordable. And if you are preparing meals for four people, you are probably looking at an estimate of about $13 budget. (Of course, it would depend on where you live, plus you will to have to consider inflation).

But generally, this is easy on the pocket, since you would be using leftover rice. And that would also lessen your prep time to make a quick dinner meal. In addition, it is best that you get ready with vegetables (cabbage) and meat (pork) a day in advance, similar to your leftover rice, to reduce cooking time.

View this recipe: Korean Rice Bowl here.

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