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Video Recipes Around the WorldSummertime always connotes fun time to most of us. It gives us the opportunity to discover other interests. You could be a bit adventurous with anything that you could think about.

This is when learning new things about cooking could be more favourable and convenient.

What could be more delightful than exploring a variety of cuisines, right? This means that we could learn a new method or style of cooking from another place, country or region.

In this post, we are featuring two (2) international cuisines namely, Thai and Greek cuisines.

Thai cuisine usually highlights the use of rice and noodles in many Thai dishes. It is therefore suggested to learn, first and foremost, the basics of cooking Thai rice, in addition to Thai noodles.

1.) Want to learn about #Thai #rice? Check out this video on Brown Jasmine Thai Rice >> | #food #recipes #cooking #eating | Read this post >>

2.) Have you tried this? >> One Pan Thai Turkey Bowls with Spiralized #Veggie #Noodles | #food #recipe #video #cooking #lentils #summer #fun #weeknight | See this video/post >>

This recipe, Thai Turkey Bowls, is so quick and convenient to prepare especially when you are on a hectic schedule and you need an easy-to-eat meal on a weeknight. Check on your pantry, as you might already have all the ingredients you would need for this recipe. This Thai Turkey dish uses vegetables, noodles and lentils to create a delicious, oh-so nutritious meal.


Our featured recipe here allows you to feel as if you are on a vacation in Greece.

And why would you not feel that way when you explore this exciting dish that uses ingredients such as aromatic oregano, green veggies, rosemary combined together with chicken? Not to mention adding lemon and feta to complete this main course and serve with rice.

3.) Greek Slow Cooker Chicken | #food #recipe #cooking #lentil #eating serve w/ #rice
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