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Holiday Cooking with Rice RecipesAre you looking to spending the holidays this year with less stress and focusing more on the fun side?

How about thinking of the practical ways of preparing foods in the kitchen as you host your annual family feast?

Would it not be better to get some useful cooking tips by learning some exciting, awesome recipes?

Let us start with this recipe: “Festive Slow Cooker Rice Muesli”.

This recipe is especially wonderful to prepare for breakfast if you are thinking of starting your holiday event earlier part of the day.

All you have to do is get ready with the ingredients and put them all in the slow cooker the night before your party. And voila, you could practically relax during the occasion itself as you allow your guests to explore this dish.

Here are some more tips to be even more creative with this recipe.

You can have a ‘self-serve muesli topping bar’ (that may include: dried and fresh fruit, chocolate chips, toasted nuts, fruits jams, and other popular, colourful toppings) to allow your family members and guests to create, select and/or modify their portion according to their preference.

View this recipe and the list of ingredients here.

The second delightful recipe to try is: Chestnut and Wild Mushroom Rice Stuffing.

With turkey being the most popular dish to celebrate Thanksgiving occasion, it would not be surprising to see a recipe that includes turkey on other popular annual holiday events, such as Christmas.

This flavourful, delicious rice recipe, Chestnut and Wild Mushroom Rice Stuffing, will surely let you and your guests enjoy your holiday feast.

This dish is so enticing and filling as it uses rice.

Depending on your preference, you can either use long grain white rice or brown rice.

To see this recipe and other ingredients, view here.

This holiday recipe, Chestnut and Wild Mushroom Rice Stuffing is oh-so yummy, simple yet rich with protein, carbohydrates and fibre.

You would be happy and proud to serve this delectable dish on your annual holiday event that can create wonderful holiday memories with your loved ones and guests.

Enjoy your feast!

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