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Canada's Food Guide 2019Be Healthy. Be Green. Be Practical. Drink more glasses of water a day. Eat more plant-based foods. How could you go wrong with that, right?

The New Canada Food Guide, released earlier this week, explores a new approach to eating healthy and creating better lifestyle choices.

The guide does not focus heavily on serving portions on set of foods. Instead, it emphasizes on the importance of embracing healthy eating approaches, rather than just the foods to take.

The approach is to learn about food combinations that are nutritious and environment-friendly.

Eat more plant-based foods that are rich in protein, such as lentils, beans and legumes. Have more fruits. Have more vegetables.

Canadians are also encouraged to eat more whole grains, including brown rice, bread, quinoa and more healthier grain choices.

The New Canada Food Guide, which has been developed with the help from health and science experts, provides healthy-eating information so that Canadians can decide to look into a healthier, leaner, greener approach to food selections.

The 2019 food guide highlights the idea of eating a variety of healthy foods everyday, cook more often, enjoy food and eat with others, and continue on with healthy eating habits.

To learn more about the changes and get more specific information, please visit: the website for New Canada Food Guide.

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