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Western Rice Mills presents “August 2012 Hot Promo on Rice Products” to our valued network of retailers and trade grocers.

Effective until the 31st of August, our rice retailers and dealers can avail of our rice products with special promo prices:

Rice Products on Promo:

Asian Dragon US Sweet Rice – 50lb

Grande Harvest US Sweet Rice – 50lb

Cobra Thai Sweet (Orange) – 40lb

Cobra Thai Sweet (Green) – 40lb

Asian Dragon US Sweet Rice – 8/5lb

Sun Moon US Sweet Rice – 8/2kg

Sun Moon Thai Sweet Rice -10/2kg

Sun Moon Thai Red Rice -10/2kg

Sun Moon Thai Black Sweet Rice -10/2kg

Gah Ool Bo Suk Brown Calrose Rice – 15lb

Sing Sing Mi White Calrose Rice – 20lb

Royal Umbrella Thai Hom Mali Rice – 8kg

Good Length Indian Basmati – 10lb

Good Health Brown Basmati – 10lb

Texana Indian Basmati – 10lb

Hanasyo Calif Calrose Rice – 50lb

Grande Harvest Parboiled Rice – 8kg


  • Price of rice product based on C.O.D. Sale.
  • Price of rice product subject to change without notice.
  • Rice Product subject to availability.
  • Retailers/Grocers must contact Western Rice Mills’ Order Desk to request for special promo rates on items featured for the current month.

  • To request for more info, please fill out our contact form.


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