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Ethnic-inspired Fusion Recipes you can try this Summer


Ethnic-inspired Fusion Recipes you can try this Summer Boost your energy this summer with rice! Not only that rice is a great source of energy, it is also free from cholesterol and sodium. If you are gluten sensitive or worried …

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Ginger and Rice, Recipe for a Great Salad


Ginger and Rice, Recipe for a Great Salad Are you looking for some food with a distinct, spicy flavour that will satisfy your craving? Many international cuisines, especially Southeastern Asian cuisines feature foods containing spicy herb such as ginger. Ginger …

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Nutritious Vegetable Pie


Nutritious Vegetable Pie Being healthy means eating foods that contain all the necessary nutrients that our body needs. Finding such nutritious foods need not be complicated. Understanding the idea of smart food preparation leads to coming up with better food …

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Quinoa Cooking: 3 Easy Salad Quinoa Recipes


Quinoa Cooking: 3 Easy Salad Recipes Recipes from the world wide web as posted on social media. >>5 #Salad Toppings That Make Your #Meal More Filling | #food #quinoa #cooking… Western Rice Mills.


Baked Vegetarian Dish with Rice Recipe


Baked Vegetarian Dish with Rice Recipe: Swiss Chard, Lentil and Rice Dolmades with Tomato Dill Sauce Want to add a little more excitement to your holiday food celebration? Whether you opt to have your usual turkey dinner or you want …

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Kale Recipe with Brown Rice


Kale Recipe with Brown Rice Are you looking for a nutritious food recipe? Have you heard about the superfoods? Well, our featured recipe here would explore kale, which is one of the superfoods. Did you know that this superfood is …

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Kale and Brown Rice for a Summer Salad Recipe


Kale has been a great favourite for veggie lovers not only because it is nutritious and flavourful, but it is a great option as well for vegans and vegetarians to be creative with creating salad recipes. Most superfoods advocates would …

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Featured Rice Recipe: Mexican Skillet Rice


We always associate Mexican food with famous tacos and enchiladas. However, there is so much more to Mexican cuisine. Let us take for example our featured rice recipe here. The skillet highlights the use of brown rice with hearty, classic …

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Celebrate Canada Day with a Summer Recipe: Rice & Salmon Packets


Celebrate Canada Day with our Featured Rice and Salmon Recipe Looking for a summer food recipe to prepare on Canada Day? Well, here is something that you can try, Salmon packets. You can either cook the salmon packets in the …

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Rice Recipe Feature: Coconut Rice Shrimp Salad


Eager for summer to begin? After experiencing a long, cold, winter season, it is but natural to look for some refreshing treats that will surely please your taste buds. How about treating yourself with a revitalizing, enticing summer delight with …

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