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Fun Treats this Autumn: Lentil, Rice Pudding and Pumpkin Recipes


Thinking of creating some wonderful treats this Autumn? The chill of the Fall season invites us to indulge in some delightful sweets. Even after celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday, our craving for delicious, fun treats does not seem to end. In …

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Want to Try Budget-friendly Asian-inspired Rice Recipes?


Want to Try Budget-friendly Asian-inspired Rice Recipes? In this blog post, we highlight two recipes featuring Japanese and Korean flavourful dishes. These rice recipes are not only delicious and easy to prepare, but are also easy on the pocket. 1.) …

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Rice Recipe Feature > Latin Inspired, Easy to Prepare Appetizer


How would you like to entertain and serve your guests with an exciting Latin inspired and easy to prepare appetizer? We are presenting here a recipe – economically easy on the pocket, as you can be creative with your leftover …

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