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Ginger and Rice, Recipe for a Great Salad


Ginger and Rice, Recipe for a Great Salad Are you looking for some food with a distinct, spicy flavour that will satisfy your craving? Many international cuisines, especially Southeastern Asian cuisines feature foods containing spicy herb such as ginger. Ginger …

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Kale and Brown Rice for a Summer Salad Recipe


Kale has been a great favourite for veggie lovers not only because it is nutritious and flavourful, but it is a great option as well for vegans and vegetarians to be creative with creating salad recipes. Most superfoods advocates would …

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Rice Recipe Feature: Coconut Rice Shrimp Salad


Eager for summer to begin? After experiencing a long, cold, winter season, it is but natural to look for some refreshing treats that will surely please your taste buds. How about treating yourself with a revitalizing, enticing summer delight with …

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