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New Rice Delights: Fortune Hill and Jasmine Rice!

Western Rice Mills

Aug 2, 2023

Premium Quality and Exquisite Flavors Await!

🌾 We are thrilled to introduce two new exquisite rice varieties to our collection: Fortune Hill Japonica Rice and Jasmine Rice! 🌾

Fortune Hill Japonica Rice, known for its exceptional texture and delightful taste, is perfect for sushi, and more. 🍣🍲

Indulge in the fragrant aroma and fluffy texture of our Jasmine Rice, a delightful addition to your favorite rice dishes. 🌾🍚

Elevate your culinary experience with our premium rice selections, carefully sourced for their unparalleled quality. 💫

📞 Call us now for more details and place your order! Don't miss out on experiencing the finest rice varieties for your dining pleasure. 📞

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