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Size: 10X1 kg, 8X2 kg, 15 lbs

GOZEN (US) Medium Grain Sushi Rice

  • Medium-grain rice is mainly grown in upland and dry areas in places like America and Australia. Through selective breeding, medium-grain rice has become glossy when cooked and can now be used for sushi.

  • Rice Cooker:

    Step 1

    Pour rice into the inner pot of the rice cooker using the measuring cup included with the rice cooker and rinse lightly.


    Step 2

    Combine using ratio: 1 cup of GOZEN HAO Rice and 1 cup of water.


    Step 3

    Let it stand for 30 minutes. Turn rice cooker on.


    Step 4

    Stir and loosen rice after cooking has been completed.


    Step 5

    Remove from heat, let it stand covered for 15 minutes, then serve.

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