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Size 5 kg, 8 kg, 36 lbs, 8x2 kg

SUN MOON (Thai) Jasmine Rice

  • Jasmine rice is a lovely, subtly perfumed rice used across South East Asia.

    * Non-GMO Project Verified
    * Gluten free

  • Step 1 


    Pour rice into rice cooker.


    Step 2


    Rinse with water once


    Step 3


    Add the specified amount of water as shown below.

    (Rice 1 cup: Water 1.5 cup)


    Step 4

    Cover rice cooker and let it cook until it automatically turns off. Do not lift the cover or stir rice during cooking time as pleasant aroma will diminish. Simmer for about 10 minutes.

    Rice is ready to be served.


    Step 15

    Enjoy your meal with the best selected Hom Mali rice.


    Yield: 1 cup uncooked rice yields 3 cups cooked rice.

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