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  • 8 Chinese Rice Recipes to Try on Chinese New Year

    Looking for some Chinese Rice Recipes to prepare on Chinese New Year? Here are some of the most popular recipes that we recently curated on our Twitter channel. You will see some authentic Chinese dishes and some fusion recipes. ​You could try these recipes on Chinese New Year or even on some days you are experiencing some food craving and feel like going for some Chinese foods. 1.) Shrimp Fried #Rice - #Chinese #cuisine #food #recipe #cooking #eating... | View post here >> ​ 2.) 12 Comfort #Foods You Have to Try | #recipes #cooking #eating #rice #lentils #Chinese #Indian #Asian #World... | View post here >> ​ 3.) An #Asian and Scottish fusion of flavours | #cooking #eating #Chinese #food #eating with #rice #noodle... | View post here >> ​ 4.) Eat These 10 Essential #ChineseNewYear Dishes | #recipes #foods #cooking #eating... View post here >>5.) 20+ Lunar and #Chinese #NewYear #Recipes | #foods #cooking #eating #rice #luck #prosperity good #health... | View post here >> ​ 6.) Baked #Chinese #NewYear Cake #Recipe | #food #cooking #eating... | View post here >> 7.) #Chinese #NewYear Rice #Recipe | #food #cooking #eating... | View post here >> ​ 8.) Red Lentil and Tofu Curry - #Chinese #food #recipe #cooking #eating with #rice... | View post here >> Celebrating an event like Chinese New Year is an interesting and exciting way of welcoming a new beginning in to our life. ​Wherever you go, or whichever country you go to, there are always places where you will see people talking about or coming together for a Chinese dinner. After all, Chinese tradition signals some form of attracting luck or prosperity; some form of energy; or bringing some form of harmonious elements together. Well, folks, we are wishing you all a Happy Chinese New Year and happy eating Chinese foods! Cheers from Western Rice Mills!

  • Food Trends and Healthy Foods to Embrace this 2018

    Now that we have welcomed 2018, we could all agree about the thought of being hopeful throughout the year. ​ It would be a wonderful thing, indeed, if we could get to maintain, if not, approach the year with even a much brighter outlook. Of course, we are talking about - attitude and discipline. Sometimes, when we get used to doing certain things, we could not help but be overwhelmed when we see change might come our way. There is fear. And there is doubt. We ask ourselves, is there a better way to do it? ​ And that thinking applies to things related to health. What sort of foods should we consume so that we do not compromise our health? And so we get curious about food trends. Last year, January of 2017, we featured an article here: Be Healthy. Try these recipes in the early 2017. ​And if you have read that article, you would have noticed some of the popular words we used: ​Organic. Sustainable. Healthy. You could guess, the trend from last year continues on this year. Some of the 2018 hottest food trends that we could see are actually those foods that have gained popularity in the last few years. And that bring us to thinking - back on whether we have been consistent on our approach to embracing healthier food choices. As the trend still continues on with organic, sustainable, healthy foods, 2018 could probably signal an opportunity to be even more committed in improving our eating lifestyle. That would include consuming whole grains, pulses, lentils, quinoa and rice. ​ Moreover, other foods might have been added in the trend this year. For example, we have seen some feature articles and blog posts mentioning mushroom and cauliflower. We are pretty sure, if you search on the internet, you would find even more foods being mentioned in the trend. ​ And with such growing number of food choices available, it would be a lot easier to be more creative in our approach to healthy cooking. Plant-based food products will probably be gaining more attention as we progress this year. And staple foods would always include those food items that we are familiar with, such as whole grains and rice. ​ And here at Western Rice Mills, we are committed to taking part in delivering healthy food products. Rice. Quinoa. Pulses. Lentils. Beans. Seeds. And more actually. We continually source foods that we believe would contribute to creating better food choices for consumers. Have you seen or tried Western Rice Mills newest food products? If you have not done so, do check out our list of products. And the list keeps growing.

  • Videos: How to Cook Thai Rice

    In this blog post, we are featuring three videos on how to prepare the popular Thai Rice, including Thai Jasmine Rice, Brown Jasmine Rice and Riceberry. ​​BROWN JASMINE RICE Brown Jasmine Rice is a Jasmine rice variety that has the same aroma of the common Jasmine rice; and also has that nutty taste. Brown Jasmine Rice can complement best with other healthful dishes with vegetables and protein-based foods. It can serve along your main dish.The following Video about Brown Jasmine Rice 101 explores how to cook best this Thai rice variety... >> ​RICEBERRY Have you heard about Riceberry? Riceberrry is actually the newest black Thai rice variety that has gained popularity these days. ​It is very nutritious, fiber-rich food and has many antioxidant properties enabling better immune system. As such, it can be an excellent add-on to achieving healthy, balanced diet. ​Wondering how to cook Riceberry rice? ​ Hot Thai Kitchen suggests this recipe: RICEBERRY CONGEE with MEATBALLS >> ​ For more information about Riceberry, view this video >> ​THAI JASMINE RICE Jasmine rice is also called Hom Mali in Thailand. Hom means fragrant and Mali means Jasmine. Jasmine rice has many characteristics, including its stickiness, its tenderness and its floral aroma. And no wonder its name speaks for itself (Hom or fragrant). Jasmine rice is your excellent type of rice if you want to serve rice with some types of sauces. ​It is also very ideal for preparing fried rice and other rice dishes. ​ View the following video to learn how cook Jasmine rice... >>

  • Learning About Thai Rice: Brown Jasmine Rice 101

    Learning About Thai Rice: Brown Jasmine Rice 101 Brown Jasmine Rice is a Jasmine rice variety that has become one of the healthy food choices of many health-conscious individuals these days. Not only that it has similar aroma with that of the typical Jasmine rice, it contains several nutritional benefits, such as fiber, minerals, and essential oils. Brown Jasmine Rice has that subtle nutty flavour and it is tender and fluffy. It has become such a great complement to other nutritious foods such as veggies and various protein-rich foods. ​ If you have not yet tried Brown Jasmine Rice, now is a perfect time to explore this energy-boosting food, which you can use either as a side dish or as your main dish. ​Wondering how to cook Brown Jasmine Rice? View our featured video here courtesy of Hot Thai Kitchen and Thai Trade Centre Vancouver to get some ideas on how to best enjoy and prepare Brown Jasmine Rice. You will also learn how to store Brown Jasmine Rice properly along with other helpful tips. Credit: Hot Thai Kitchen and Thai Trade Center Vancouver

  • Learning about Thai Rice: What is Riceberry?

    THAI RICE: RICEBERRY 101 Ever heard of Riceberry? Well folks, this type of rice is fast becoming popular in Thailand. ​And according to Hot Thai Kitchen, Riceberry is the "newest superfood" that is not only nutritious but also "delicious". Riceberry is also known as the newest black Thai rice variety. Riceberry contains many antioxidant properties that help improve our immune system. ​It is also a good source of folic acid, beta-carotene, zinc, fiber and vitamin E. Because of its high fiber content, riceberry can aid digestion and is therefore, a great add-on to our healthy, balanced diet. Want to learn HOW TO COOK RICEBERRY? Hot Thai Kitchen has featured this recipe: RICEBERRY CONGEE with MEATBALLS >> This Riceberry Congee recipe uses one-half cup of riceberry rice and one-half cup of jasmine rice, along with either chicken stock or pork stock. Other ingredients may be added, such as ginger, green onions, soy sauce and white pepper to suit your desired taste. Explore thisvideo to learn more about this rice variety, courtesy of Hot Thai Kitchen and Thai Trade Center Vancouver. Credit:Hot Thai Kitchen

  • Get Going with Your Meal Plan with Quinoa

    Deciding to be healthy is one thing. Choosing the way to go about it is another. How could we achieve our goal to nourish our well-being? Call it some kind of cliche but being healthy should start with a wholehearted attitude. Being consistent with your plan is crucial. ​And this is oh-so true when deciding what sort of foods you should include in your diet. ​ One thing for sure is that you cannot go wrong if you start with whole grains. Then, think about pulse foods like lentil. How about the superfood quinoa? How familiar are you with quinoa? Explore quinoa here. ​Have you recently cooked quinoa? Do you want to explore some more recipes that would include quinoa? ​Get going with your meal plan with quinoa as your main dish. Cook and eat well using these quinoa recipes: 9 Easy, Healthy #Recipes to try...|#foods #cooking #meals #quinoa #breakfast #lunch #dinner #vegetables... >>​ ​ Healthful #quinoa | #food #recipes #cooking #eating #healthy #meals #salads... >> Chickpea, #Quinoa and Turmeric Curry| #food #cooking #recipe #vegetarian... >> ​ Pear and cranberry #quinoa #salad|#healthy #food #recipe #cooking #eating... >> The Super Easy #Quinoa #Salad Kayla Itsines Makes for #Lunch|#food #cooking #recipe >> Fancy-Pants Eggs That Go Over Easy: #Recipe...|#food #cooking with #rice #quinoa... >> ​ A #recipe for #eating well| #healthy #cooking #quinoa #rice #food... >> ​ What A #Healthy (And Achievable) 7 Day #Meal Plan Looks Like| #food #cooking #eating #rice #quinoa #legumes... >> ​ ​​Looking for more quinoa recipes? Explore here... >> Get more information about quinoa >>

  • Explore Cooking This Summer with Awesome, Nutritious Quinoa Recipes

    Summer is a great time to start exploring many things. You can travel with your family. Go out with friends. Focus on your hobbies. You can learn a new sport. Or you can simply do staycation. Summer is an exciting period of the year that allows us to enjoy outdoors. ​It also affords us an excellent opportunity to plan some work at home. You can think of what sort of household chore you wish to try this time. ​ How about exploring the WORLD OF COOKING? Get going this summer with healthy cooking! ​ Whether you are thinking of serving breakfast meals, craving for delicious, appetizing foods, or even thinking of sharing your lunch or dinner with your guests or loved ones, quinoa could be your best bet. ​Quinoa does not only promise nutritional benefits, but it could be fun as well to prepare. ​Learn how you can prepare quinoa with our featured recipes here. Top 10 Featured Tweets: Awesome, Nutritious Quinoa Recipes to Try this Summer 1.) Curried #Rice and #Quinoa #Salad #Recipe| #food #cooking >> 2.) #Quinoa and Veggie-Stuffed Bell Peppers with a Kick (#Recipe)| #food #cooking >> 3.) Casual #dining #recipes: Lemon-roasted quail, #lentil & #quinoa #salad, & passion fruit possets >> ​ 4.) Fearne Cotton: Quick and easy #quinoa bowl | #food #recipe #cooking #eating >> ​ 5.) 15 Cucumber #Recipes to Keep You Cool All #Summer|#food #cooking #lentil #quinoa #rice #vegetarian >> 6.) #Quinoa Veggie Burgers| #food #cooking #vegetarian #vegan #recipes >> ​ 7.) 7 #Quinoa #Recipes You Can #Eat for #Breakfast - #meals #foods #cooking >> ​ 8.) Basic Steamed #Quinoa #Recipe| #food #cooking >> ​ 9.) Mediterranean Poached Eggs with #Quinoa| #food #cooking #recipe >> ​ 10.) Sunny, #vegetarian and delicious | #grains #rice #quinoa #cooking >> Join us on Twitter as we create and curate interesting links and resources on quinoa and other organic foods, rice, pulses and more! >> Western Rice Mills Twitter Page ​ Have a nutritious quinoa summer!

  • Rice Recipes You Can Try This Holiday Season

    Rice Recipes You Can Try This Holiday Season Rice Recipe: Sausage and Rapini Rice Skillet ​Want to serve your family and guests this holiday with a meal that is quick to prepare? Get on with this recipe that features a combination of rapini, rice and spicy Italian sausage. You can make this meal even more flavourful with sweet caramelized onions and many other ingredients that are commonly available in your pantry. This one-pot wonder is oh-so awesome and oh-so delicious to wow your family members and guests! Check out this recipe >> here. ​Rice Recipe: Curry Chicken and Rice Casserole ​ This recipe that creates a hearty rice casserole seems attractive and inviting to any sophisticated foodies. Perfect for a dinner party, this meal is not only flavourful but is equally nutritious, given its fibre-rich nutrients. For cooking instructions, visit the recipe page >> here. Rice Recipe: Roasted Cauliflower And Red Rice Gratin ​ This delicious rice recipe that features red rice and cauliflower can be the source of your dinner delight! ​You can certainly impress your family and guests with this meal that combines red rice and cauliflower florets with melted cheddar cheese. You can enjoy this meal as a stand-alone dish or pair with your favourite protein-rich food like meat and fish. Get the recipe >> here. Rice Recipe: Dairy-less Fig and Raspberry Rice Pudding Thinking of some kind of after-dinner treat? How about preparing a sweet rice pudding? This Dairy-less Fig and Raspberry Rice Pudding recipe promises a rare vegan delight! You can use fortified rice milk and add some cinnamon and lemon with this rice pudding to create a wonderful, delicious treat! ​To find out how to create this rice pudding, visit this rice recipe >> here.

  • Select Rice Recipes to Create Delicious Soups

    Select Rice Recipes to Create Delicious Soups ​ How would you like to prepare delicious warm meals that could give you some comfort, and help you feel relaxed throughout the cold weather months? ​We have here easy food recipes you can try using rice to help you create nutritious soups, to keep you going and cheer you up through winter. Soups are great and easy to make with healthful ingredients and select fresh spices to deliver your desired taste. >> Rice Recipe > Zucchini and Rice Soup | #cooking #vegetable #food serve with #cheese >> 9 Of The Best #Winter #Soups To Pack For #Lunch | #foods #cooking #rice ​ >> Rice Recipe > Salmon and Rice Chowder | #cooking #rice #soup ​ >> Rice Recipe > Leftover Turkey and Rice Tortilla Soup | #cooking long #grain white rice ​ >> Rice Recipe > Creamy Vegetable Soup | #cooking #vegetable #food long #grain rice

  • Rice Recipe Feature: Coconut Rice Shrimp Salad

    Rice Recipe Feature: Coconut Rice Shrimp Salad Eager for summer to begin? After experiencing a long, cold, winter season, it is but natural to look for some refreshing treats that will surely please your taste buds. How about treating yourself with a revitalizing, enticing summer delight with our featured side salad? ​ This rice recipe will use coconut milk, rice vinegar and Jasmine rice to bring a savoury, delicious Coconut Rice Shrimp Salad. Let us explore the list of ingredients that we would need to prepare for our salad: 1/2 cup unsweetened coconut milk 125 mL 1/4 cup rice vinegar 50 mL 1 tbsp vegetable oil 15 mL 3 tbsp chopped fresh basil 45 mL 1/2 tsp salt 2 mL 3 cups cooked U.S. Jasmine or medium grain rice 750 mL 1 lb peeled, deveined cooked shrimp 500 g Garnish: 1/2 cup chopped salted peanuts 125 mL This rice recipe is brought to you by the USA Rice.

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