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Western Rice Mills Joins Aberdeen Centre: 2016 Chinese New Year Flower & Gift Fair

>>> Western Rice Mills Joins Aberdeen Centre: 2016 Chinese New Year Flower & Gift Fair!

Global Rice Company

Western Rice Mills Ltd. is a leading rice distributor based in (Vancouver) Richmond, BC, Canada and has evolved into becoming a major rice supplier, rice importer and quinoa products distributor not only in North America but in the global market as well. -> Read more about the global rice company, Western Rice Mills


Rice Products and Quinoa Products

For over 50 years, Western Rice Mills has been providing rice consumers with a wide range of rice products including:


Long Grain White Rice

Jasmine Rice

Sweet Rice

Medium Grain White Rice

Black Jasmine Rice

Wild Rice

Long Grain Brown Rice

Basmati Rice

Red Rice

Medium Grain Brown Rice

Parboiled Rice

Rice Blends

Short Grain Brown Rice

Arborio Rice

Rice Bran

Quinoa Products - Organic Quinoa

Organic Food Products

Quinoa Products - Non-Organic

Rice Flour

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We have Rice Info pages with some tips on How to Cook Rice, How to Store Rice and How to Prepare Rice Dishes with exciting Rice Recipes and Quinoa Recipes. Find out where you could buy rice through  some of our featured rice retailers and quinoa food distributors in Canada or visit your local rice store.


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Our rice products and quinoa products have been certified Kosher organic certified, quinoa