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What You Could Do With Leftover Rice

In this article: "What You Could Do With Leftover Rice," we present some suggestions and make the most out of your leftovers.

One great food that you probably already have in your kitchen is rice. If you are not stocking rice, you must start to do so now. That is especially true if you are thinking of practicality without sacrificing nutrition in your diet. Rice could be your best food option to prepare and serve in many instances.

But what if you happen to end up with some leftovers? What would you do? Could you still do wonders with your cooked rice? We have some food recipe suggestions that you could try with your leftovers. You can make some rice cakes. Explore some rice dishes with an Asian touch. You could also prepare a soup that could satisfy your nutritional needs.

Create Rice Cakes Using Leftover Long-Grain White Rice Or Brown Rice

Try this: Rice Recipe: Maple Walnut Rice Cakes. This rice cake recipe is great for breakfast or dessert. See recipe >here.

Budget-friendly Rice Recipes: Korean and Japanese-inspired Dishes

If you’re looking for recipes with some Asian touch, you can consider the following recipes: Sushi Roll Rice Salad and Rice Recipe with Korean Rice Bowl. “These rice recipes are not only delicious and easy to prepare but are also easy on the pocket.” Explore this post.

Create a Soup with Leftover Turkey and Rice

You could do so many dishes with turkey and rice. But creating a soup is by far one of the easiest things to do. You can fill such a dish with veggies and your favourite spices. And you will have a perfect meal with carbohydrates and protein in it. Try this Leftover Turkey and Rice Tortilla Soup recipe today!

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