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Food Trends and Healthy Foods to Embrace this 2018

Now that we have welcomed 2018, we could all agree about the thought of being hopeful throughout the year.

It would be a wonderful thing, indeed, if we could get to maintain, if not, approach the year with even a much brighter outlook. Of course, we are talking about - attitude and discipline.

Sometimes, when we get used to doing certain things, we could not help but be overwhelmed when we see change might come our way. There is fear. And there is doubt. We ask ourselves, is there a better way to do it?

And that thinking applies to things related to health. What sort of foods should we consume so that we do not compromise our health? And so we get curious about food trends.

Last year, January of 2017, we featured an article here: Be Healthy. Try these recipes in the early 2017.

And if you have read that article, you would have noticed some of the popular words we used:

Organic. Sustainable. Healthy.

You could guess, the trend from last year continues on this year.

Some of the 2018 hottest food trends that we could see are actually those foods that have gained popularity in the last few years. And that bring us to thinking - back on whether we have been consistent on our approach to embracing healthier food choices.

As the trend still continues on with organic, sustainable, healthy foods, 2018 could probably signal an opportunity to be even more committed in improving our eating lifestyle. That would include consuming whole grains, pulses, lentils, quinoa and rice.

Moreover, other foods might have been added in the trend this year. For example, we have seen some feature articles and blog posts mentioning mushroom and cauliflower. We are pretty sure, if you search on the internet, you would find even more foods being mentioned in the trend.

And with such growing number of food choices available, it would be a lot easier to be more creative in our approach to healthy cooking.

Plant-based food products will probably be gaining more attention as we progress this year. And staple foods would always include those food items that we are familiar with, such as whole grains and rice.

And here at Western Rice Mills, we are committed to taking part in delivering healthy food products. Rice. Quinoa. Pulses. Lentils. Beans. Seeds. And more actually. We continually source foods that we believe would contribute to creating better food choices for consumers.

Have you seen or tried Western Rice Mills newest food products? If you have not done so, do check out our list of products.

And the list keeps growing.

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