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How to Make Rice Even More Flavourful and Delicious

Rice in itself is a powerful, nutritious food that can help one achieve a healthful diet. But as you explore more types of dishes, you could also explore the many possibilities with rice.

How do you prepare rice so you could make it even more exciting and with a variety of flavours?

What do you get out of cooking rice?

​And why focus on rice, anyway?

For many people who have been accustomed to including rice in their main dish, or even as a side dish, rice is their go-for food. They could vouch for how versatile rice can be. Of all the many grains available in the market today, rice tops it all.

Rice has that distinct flavour. For that reason, rice could readily blend with other types of foods that you can imagine. Think about vegetables. You could have rice with it. Think about fruits. You could have fruits mixed with rice. And you can have a delicious salad.

​Did we have to mention meats and seafood? Rice could, indeed, be a great accompaniment. But wait, do you want to know the good news of all? With rice, there is so much more you could do! Keep reading.

Are you familiar with the many more ways by which you could make rice even more enticing, making it the star of all your dishes? Rice has that unique texture and quality that you can be more inventive when you think about cooking.

​According to our friends from USA Rice, you can transform rice into a more tasty daily meal. In their infographic presentation, they have mentioned at least five ways.

1.) Instead of using water, you can add broth or juices and coconut water. And did you know that you can even add beer or wine to rice? 2.) How about some ‘concentrated seasonings'? You can look into the benefits of some warm spices (such as cinnamon sticks), aromatics (such as garlic cloves and sliced ginger), and also, some flavoured tea bags and fresh herbs. 3.) Next, look into the idea of infusing the rice as it cooks with various concentrated flavours. Depending on your preference, you can try various flavours. You can include flavoured oils, Asian condiments (such as fish sauce and tamari), herbs and ground spices, and even some pastes, such as tomato, chili, or miso. 4.) If you wish to add a little bit of (or more) texture (and even some more enhanced nutrition), you can include some diced vegetables, grated root veggies, and dried fruits, or legumes. 5.) Finally, you could also add more nutty or cheesy flavour to make a complete meal, with toasted nuts and seeds, grated or crumbled cheese, and even a spoonful of pesto (to create a more satisfying rice dish).

The bottom line is you can express your creativity by exploring what you could do with your daily rice meal.


​USA Rice and

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