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Rice Recipes You Can Try This Holiday Season

Rice Recipes You Can Try This Holiday Season

​Want to serve your family and guests this holiday with a meal that is quick to prepare? Get on with this recipe that features a combination of rapini, rice and spicy Italian sausage.

You can make this meal even more flavourful with sweet caramelized onions and many other ingredients that are commonly available in your pantry. This one-pot wonder is oh-so awesome and oh-so delicious to wow your family members and guests! Check out this recipe >> here.

Rice Recipe: Curry Chicken and Rice Casserole This recipe that creates a hearty rice casserole seems attractive and inviting to any sophisticated foodies. Perfect for a dinner party, this meal is not only flavourful but is equally nutritious, given its fibre-rich nutrients. For cooking instructions, visit the recipe page >> here.

Rice Recipe: Roasted Cauliflower And Red Rice Gratin This delicious rice recipe that features red rice and cauliflower can be the source of your dinner delight! ​You can certainly impress your family and guests with this meal that combines red rice and cauliflower florets with melted cheddar cheese. You can enjoy this meal as a stand-alone dish or pair with your favourite protein-rich food like meat and fish. Get the recipe >> here.

Thinking of some kind of after-dinner treat? How about preparing a sweet rice pudding?

This Dairy-less Fig and Raspberry Rice Pudding recipe promises a rare vegan delight!

You can use fortified rice milk and add some cinnamon and lemon with this rice pudding to create a wonderful, delicious treat!

To find out how to create this rice pudding, visit this rice recipe >> here.

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