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Videos: How to Cook Thai Rice

In this blog post, we are featuring three videos on how to prepare the popular Thai Rice, including Thai Jasmine Rice, Brown Jasmine Rice and Riceberry.


Brown Jasmine Rice is a Jasmine rice variety that has the same aroma of the common Jasmine rice; and also has that nutty taste.

Brown Jasmine Rice can complement best with other healthful dishes with vegetables and protein-based foods. It can serve along your main dish.The following Video about Brown Jasmine Rice 101 explores how to cook best this Thai rice variety... >>


Have you heard about Riceberry? Riceberrry is actually the newest black Thai rice variety that has gained popularity these days.

​It is very nutritious, fiber-rich food and has many antioxidant properties enabling better immune system. As such, it can be an excellent add-on to achieving healthy, balanced diet.

​Wondering how to cook Riceberry rice? Hot Thai Kitchen suggests this recipe: RICEBERRY CONGEE with MEATBALLS >> For more information about Riceberry, view this video >>


Jasmine rice is also called Hom Mali in Thailand. Hom means fragrant and Mali means Jasmine. Jasmine rice has many characteristics, including its stickiness, its tenderness and its floral aroma. And no wonder its name speaks for itself (Hom or fragrant). Jasmine rice is your excellent type of rice if you want to serve rice with some types of sauces.

​It is also very ideal for preparing fried rice and other rice dishes.

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