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Cook Lentils, Quinoa, and Rice Any Day of the Week with our Featured Recipes

Cooking need not be a tiresome household chore when you know the right foods to prepare.

Begin with staple foods that are nutritious and filling.

In this post, we feature rice, lentil, and quinoa and some ways to cook these healthful foods.

We can try cooking pilaf and soups. Such foods are ideally best during this cold, and sometimes harsh, season.

Pilaf. ​Soup. Salad. Dip Sauce |

Quinoa, Wild Rice and Lentil:

​Three #Food Ideas to Try Any Day of the Week |#Cooking #eating #healthy #weekday #weeknight |


Teriyaki Salmon & Lentil Bowl | #Lentils with brown #rice #recipe | #Cooking with #rice and lentils | This recipe can make up to 10 servings | See this recipe >

Start your day with this lentil-based soup! | Recipe: Creamy Pumpkin Pie Soup with Red Lentils | This vegetarian, gluten-free soup can be your comfort food on a cold day. It contains only 220 calories | #Cooking #eating #lentils |


Got some spices and a few pantry items? | Here's a vegetable recipe to try, if you'd like save some money | Rice Recipe: Moroccan Chickpea Stew| #budget-friendly #rice #meal | This recipe can make up to 4 servings - with about 480 calories per serving. | See this recipe >

Got some leftover #rice and #turkey? | Why not create this recipe > Leftover Turkey and Rice Tortilla Soup? |

"It's a complete meal in one with vegetables, grains and protein in every serving." | #Holiday #Weekend #cooking |


How do you prepare a quinoa salad? Prepare and serve a #quinoa #salad, either warm or cold. You can put the salad in the fridge for a couple of days. Then, serve the salad cold. Add some protein delight, and you're good to go. Try this Colourful Quinoa Salad | See this recipe >

Have you used Brown Rice with Quinoa? Try this dish > Quinoa Recipe: Brown Rice - Quinoa With Roasted Veggies And Feta | This recipe can be used as Main Course or Side Dish | Can create up to 4 servings. | See this recipe >

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