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Brunch Meals: Four Recipes with Tortilla and Rice

There are certain days or occasions that you may find yourself looking for something to eat on a late morning. But then you will realize that having breakfast that late may no longer be a sound idea as you would soon get through the lunch hours.

So what is the most convenient way to go about with your hunger?

The concept of brunch, which is obviously combining breakfast and lunch, would seem practical and filling. Many hotels and restaurants these days would have meals that are ideal to serve during late mornings till about 3 pm in the afternoon.

How about doing the brunch cooking yourself?

If you are planning to cook and serve foods for breakfast and lunch, you may want to consider easy-to-prepare food options.

Doing brunch meals at home not only can help you save money, but can ensure that you are in control of choosing the right foods. You can be creative with your brunch planning and see to it that you have ingredients that can satisfy your appetite. Rice, for instance, may be your best bet, and that can work perfectly with other foods.

In addition to rice, our featured recipes here would use tortilla and flavourful ingredients to create a more satisfying, fulfilling meal.

Four Brunch Recipes: Tortilla and Rice

>> Huevos Rancheros Tortilla Cups with Rice:
This is a Meatless brunch meal that has healthful ingredients and with genuine Mexican flavour.

>> Cuban Beef Picadillo
Although, popular as a dinner meal, this Latin recipe, which features green olives and raisins, can also best be served as a brunch meal; and perfect with tortillas on the side.

>> Rice Beef Burritos
A meal that fuels your body with maximum impact, this rice burritos recipe is great for people who embrace on-the-go lifestyle. Try one today.

>> Turkey and Rice Tortilla Soup
A practical dish with Mexican-inspired flavours and spices, this recipe can help you create a healthful meal packed with delicious veggies, protein-rich foods and nutritious grains.

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