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Learning About Thai Rice: Jasmine Rice 101

Thailand has almost become synonymous to its famous fragrant rice, better known as Jasmine rice. But did you know that Thai people have many choices when it comes to the types of rice they could consume?

Our featured video in this blog post introduces us to Jasmine Rice.

Thailand produces many different types of rice. And it is amazing to know that rice comes in many different colors and texture, giving consumers several options.

For most Thai people though, Jasmine rice seems to be the most popular one. It is, in fact, considered their staple grain. It is the type of rice that they could consume in almost every meal, three times a day.

So what is Jasmine rice?

Jasmine rice is known as Hom Mali in Thailand. Hom means fragrant and Mali means Jasmine. Jasmine rice has many characteristics that contribute to its popularity. One of its characteristics is its floral aroma. Hence, its name speaks for itself (Hom or fragrant). Then of course, it has that tenderness and stickiness. Jasmine rice is your best type of rice if you want to cook rice using some types of sauces. It is also great for cooking fried rice and other dishes.

So how do you know if you are buying genuine Jasmine rice?

As mentioned in the video (by Hot Thai Kitchen), the first step is to check on the package of the product and see if it has that green logo (the Thai government seal) that certifies the product as genuine Jasmine rice variety. Then, make sure that the product is produced in Thailand.

Want to learn how cook Jasmine rice?

When you buy a package of Jasmine rice, it usually comes with cooking instructions. You can typically cook Jasmine rice on rice cooker. As well, there are other cooking methods you can explore. You can follow this video post (courtesy of Hot Thai Kitchen): How to Cook Jasmine Rice without a Rice Cooker

Credit: Hot Thai Kitchen and Thai Trade Center Vancouver

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