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Western Rice Mills Ltd. announces its November Promo offering on select rice products – to its network of food distributors, retailers and trade grocers.

The promotional offer will be effective until the 30th of November.

Food grocers, rice retailers and rice distributors can contact Western Rice Mills to purchase various rice products with special promo prices:

Rice Products on Promo:

8KG “GRANDE HARVEST ” Long Grain White Rice -> Call for Promo

8KG “GRANDE HARVEST ” Long Grain Brown Rice -> Call for Promo

8KG “GRANDE HARVEST ” Jasmine Rice -> Call for Promo

40LB “SUN MOON” Calrose Rice (2014) New Crop -> 10+1

15LB “PEAR BLOSSOM ” Calrose Rice -> 10+2

15LB “PEAR BLOSSOM ” Brown Calrose Rice -> 10+2

8KG “SUN MOON” Thai Jasmine Rice -> Call for Promo

40LB “GRANDE HARVEST ” Long Grain White Rice -> Call for Promo

50LB “GRANDE HARVEST ” US Sweet Rice (Cotton) -> 10+2

40LB “SILVER STAR” Rice Flour -> Call for Promo


  • Price of rice products based on C.O.D. Sale only.
  • Western Rice Mills reserves the right to make substitutions.
  • Price of rice product subject to change without notice.
  • Rice Product subject to availability or while quantities last.
  • Pricing applies to distributors and retailers only. Promo does not apply to Restaurants/Food service providers and other parties.
  • Promo valid as stated or until further notice.
  • Retailers/Grocers must contact Western Rice Mills’ Order Desk to request for special promo rates on items featured for the current month.

  • To request for more info, please fill out our contact form.

    About Western Rice Mills Ltd.

    Western Rice Mills Ltd. is a leading rice distributor based in (Vancouver) Richmond, BC, Canada and has evolved into becoming a major rice supplier, rice importer and rice exporter not only in North America but in the global market as well. For more information, please visit: Western Rice Mills.


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