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march-is-nutrition-monthDid you know that many Canadians find eating nutritious meals while at their workplace a challenge?

Many factors contribute to the inability of people to adhere to eating healthy meals. Imagine the many times and the busy days people had to go through, facing rushed hours, skipping lunch meals, and attending office functions.

It is vital however for employees, business owners, entrepreneurs and other working professionals to focus on eating well and staying healthy.

Eating properly each day is especially important in order to function well at work, to concentrate better and achieve desired results.

The Dietitians of Canada invites Canadians to celebrate the 2015 Nutrition Month this March focusing on the theme: Eating 9 to 5!

According to Dietitians Canada, the goal for the 2015 theme is to encourage Canadians to do positive changes by eating right while at work and promote nutrition, health and vitality.

The Dietitians of Canada has provided Nutrition Month tips that help tackle common eating problems and health challenges.

To learn more about the 2015 Nutrition Month, visit Dietitians of Canada.


Dietitians Canada

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