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Cook Rice, Eat Rice: Asian Inspired Recipes

Easy, smart cooking with great Asian-inspired contemporary dishes that offer savoury flavours.

Enjoy the meals featuring many distinct cuisines that complement well with rice.

Check out our top 7 links to Asian rice recipes that will surely bring excitement to your cooking and dining experience with your family and guests.

Try these great, easy to prepare rice recipes today!

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3.) Rice Recipe: Korean Rice Bowl -> This Korean dish is affordable and practical. You can use leftover rice and you can save time in your food preparation.

4.) Rice Recipe: Mango Beef and Rice Lettuce -> A great dinner for two, this healthy dish that uses leftover rice and lettuce wrap is fun to prepare and serve as it is to eat.

5.) Ginger and Rice, Recipe for a Great Salad -> If you are craving for a spicy flavoured dish, you can try this rice salad prepared with mouth-watering herbs.

6.) Rice Recipe: Bibimbap Rice Bowl -> If you need to cook quickly, serve quickly, this Korean dish can meet your dining needs perfectly. Easy to prepare; simply mix rice with veggies, your protein-based ingredients and all other ingredients; then top with egg, you now have a nutritious meal. You can use brown rice with this meal.

7.) Rice Recipe Feature: Asian-Style Halibut Dinner Packets -> How would you love to try a spicy-flavoured halibut? Get on with your Asian-inspired dining with this healthy dish.


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