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Rice, rice and more rice, baby!

For centuries, rice has been a staple food for many people from all walks of life. In fact, rice has become very popular not only among many Asians or Europeans, but among many others who live in Canada and the United States.

It has become noticeable that many people from almost every continent in the world have embraced rice, in one way or another.

So, what characterizes rice?

Rice is rich in nutrients and it is gluten-free. It contains about eight essential amino acids great for maintaining a healthy, balanced diet. It is your great source of carbohydrates to enable you to have a long lasting energy and strength.

Rice and Cooking

If you are thinking of cooking rice, you can be very versatile with your approach. Rice can be your main dish or can also be great as a side dish. Want to try to cook and serve rice a day?

Need some ideas? Try our featured rice recipes that follow.

7 Rice Recipes You Might Want to Try on a Weekend, on a Weekday or on Any Occasion

>>Main Course | Rice Recipe: Arroz con Pollo

>>Fennel, Kale and #Rice Gratin #Recipe | #food #cooking #dinner

>>Rice Recipe: Smokin’ Rice Salad

>>Rice Recipe | Side Dish: Chilean Fish Chowder

>>Main Course Featuring Spicy Italian Sausage | Rice Recipe: Sausage and Rapini Rice Skillet

>>Rice Recipe | Side Dish: Baby Congee

>>Rice Recipe Side Dish: Rice and Edamame Salad

Have a nutritious rice day!

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