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2016 Recipes Great for 2017We have curated Western Rice Mills top articles in 2016 and we would love to share some food knowledge and feature select recipes.

The year 2016 was the year when we explored tremendously topics and recipes on pulses and lentils. Also, quinoa remains to be a favourite, as well as rice, which has always been the most popular staple food.

So, here are the links to food articles and select favourite recipes in 2016, including lentil and pulses, quinoa and rice that are truly healthful and still amazing to explore in 2017.


>> 8 Links to Recipes Featuring Lentils and More

>> Learn to Cook Pulses, Lentils and More!

>> Just What are Pulses, Lentils, Beans and Peas?


>> Getting Familiar with Quinoa: Diet, Recipes and More


>> Rice, Rice and More Rice, Baby!


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