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Learning About Thai Rice: Brown Jasmine Rice 101

Brown Jasmine Rice is a Jasmine rice variety that has become one of the healthy food choices of many health-conscious individuals these days. Not only that it has similar aroma with that of the typical Jasmine rice, it contains several nutritional benefits, such as fiber, minerals, and essential oils.

Brown Jasmine Rice has that subtle nutty flavour and it is tender and fluffy. It has become such a great complement to other nutritious foods such as veggies and various protein-rich foods.

If you have not yet tried Brown Jasmine Rice, now is a perfect time to explore this energy-boosting food, which you can use either as a side dish or as your main dish.

Wondering how to cook Brown Jasmine Rice?

View our featured
video here courtesy of Hot Thai Kitchen and Thai Trade Centre Vancouver to get some ideas on how to best enjoy and prepare Brown Jasmine Rice. You will also learn how to store Brown Jasmine Rice properly along with other helpful tips.

Credit: Hot Thai Kitchen and Thai Trade Center Vancouver

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