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Lentil, Pumpkin, Rice RecipesThinking of creating some wonderful treats this Autumn?

The chill of the Fall season invites us to indulge in some delightful sweets. Even after celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday, our craving for delicious, fun treats does not seem to end.

In fact, you would see even more baked goodies, like cookies, pastries and muffins in almost every corner
of food stores or dessert shops you go to.

Then, of course, the demand for more candies would seem obvious with the forthcoming Halloween -’Trick or Treating’- occasion. For sure, kids would very much look forward to celebrating such kind of fun activities, with their attractive, awesome, creative costumes.

With time flying so fast, who would not notice the remaining few weeks of the year? And it would be Christmas time again.

For those of us, adults, learning to cook and getting some sweets prepared for such holiday occasions (beginning the Autumn season) could be an amazing way to look into spending our precious, limited time available, given our busy work and household schedule.

Whether you are a parent, teaching your teen to be more creative in the kitchen, or you are a couple trying to explore a new hobby, or even if you simply want to bond with your family, this Fall allows you that perfect opportunity.

So, if you are seeking some kind of adventure in the kitchen, and you would like to learn how to prepare some exciting treats this season, get started with our three featured recipes that use pumpkin, lentil and rice.

These recipes are: Lentil Pumpkin Rice Pudding Recipe, Pumpkin Pie Recipe, and Caramel Chocolate Rice Pudding Tarts.

Lentil Pumpkin Rice Pudding Recipe – A healthful rice and lentil recipe that uses banana and pumpkin to produce natural sweetness. See recipe here.

Pumpkin Pie Recipe – A great, nutritious dessert that is truly awesome and kid-friendly.
Allow twenty five minutes for prep time to start creating this Pumpkin Pie that uses split red lentils and pumpkin puree. See list of ingredients and how to prepare this recipe here.

Caramel Chocolate Rice Pudding Tarts – Wondering what to do with leftover rice? Did you know that you can be creative and make a whole new dessert recipe by adding some well-loved flavour with chocolate, caramel and graham cracker? Voila, a perfect rice pudding tarts! See recipe here.



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